The purpose of the Association’s Rules is to provide direction and consistency for its members in the conduct of middle school football in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Rules were initiated in good faith, agreed upon in proper democratic fashion, and only altered with a majority vote by the membership of the KYMSFA. The Rules are not meant to restrict or prevent in any way a member’s participation. They exist solely to have a baseline agreement between the Association’s membership for the conduct of middle school football.


1. All member middle school football programs must register or renew registration for 2023 by completion of the “online registration form” and pay dues to the KYMSFA in the amount of two hundred and fifty ($300) dollars per year per member football program. Payment of the annual dues shall be made on or before August 31st of each year. Failure to pay membership dues by the due date will disqualify such member from participating in the championship playoffs and submission of players for recognition and participation in post-season events.

2. All members agree to abide by a generally accepted code of conduct that reflects the stature and responsibility normally expected of someone placed in charge of the instruction and direction of student athletes and that all coaches/staff have been properly cleared to act on behalf of the respective member. Each principal or Designated Representative shall file with the KYMSFA, all participation lists and all other reports required by the Rules or otherwise requested by the Association.

3. Any discrepancies or challenge of these Rules shall be brought before the President and Championship Coordinator of the KYMSFA for ruling.

4. Members of the KYMSFA must be a certified/accredited public or private middle or elementary school(s) (5th/6th, 7th and/or 8th grade) football program (i.e. no youth league, Pop Warner or similar organization that does not play as a middle school team). Middle or elementary schools that combine to form a middle school football program must present evidence satisfactory to the Board that the football program is recognized and/or supervised by the appropriate school system.

5. All members shall adhere to and honor the summer dead period set-forth in KHSAA Section 3 of Bylaw 26.

6. All members agree to limit the number of regular season games to ten games, plus two scrimmages. Regular season games include a team’s conference games/conference playoffs but do not include the championship playoffs conducted by the KYMSFA. If a member’s conference requires additional game(s) due to the size of the conference or the number of conference playoff games, then an exception must be requested and submitted to the President and Championship Coordinator for approval.

7. Except for 7 on 7, organized practice in helmets-only shall not begin prior to July 10. Organized practice in pads (contact practice) shall not begin prior to July 22. Participation in spring practice is up to the member middle school football program.

8. Results of all games/contests of KYMSFA member teams are to be Sent in via the game score link provided by the KYMSFA