1. Each member shall provide to the KYMSFA a copy of their roster, to be certified by their school’s principal/athletic director/high school coach responsible for the middle school football program, before August 31st of each season. The roster shall include the player’s name, age, date of birth, grade and home/away jersey number. Any change in information (e.g. jersey number; player addition to team due to transfer, etc.) to a verified roster must be submitted to the KYMSFA and made available to any opponent/official prior to game/contest. It the responsibility of each head coach to maintain a certified copy of their team’s roster with them during any game/contest and available for review, together with copies of each player’s KYMSFA GE Form 4.    Verified Roster Form Link

2. Each member shall require that each player have on file evidence of the legal birth date for every player on their roster and to have received a medical examination by a properly authorized medical professional and to have on file a fully completed KYMSFA GE Form 4 signed by the player’s parents/guardian and the medical professional who conducted the medical examination.

3. Players MUST attend within the school system the team represents (i.e. no home schooled players) (school system shall include multiple feeder elementary/middle schools that combine to form a recognized middle school football program).

4. Age limit for players are as follows: 8th grade players cannot turn 15 before August 1st of that season; 7th grade players cannot turn 14 before August 1st of that season.

5. Grade limits for players are as follows: Players in 8th grade games are limited to players in the 6th, 7th or 8th grades; players in 7th grade games are limited to players in the 5th, 6th or 7th grades.

6. Each member shall require every school student (grades 5-8) participating in athletics representing a member shall be passing in at least two-thirds of the subjects in which he or she is currently enrolled and be in compliance with all other Rules in order to be eligible..

7. A student, prior to participation or trying for a place on an athletic team or cheerleading squad shall have in place medical insurance with coverage limit of $25,000 in order to be eligible to participate in interscholastic athletics and that insurance shall remain in force throughout participation. It shall be the responsibility of each member school to ensure and certify that each student has insurance coverage throughout the school year.

8. Any coach/football program that falsifies a document, playing an ineligible player, or providing otherwise incorrect information with the purpose of circumventing these rules will be removed from the KYMSFA and their team will forfeit any and all awards/winnings for the applicable season.

9. A substitute GE Form 4 may be permitted to be used upon approval of the President. The purpose of the KYMSFA GE Form 4 is to require a form applicable for middle school athletics.