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Kentucky Middle School Football Association Regional Player of the Year Awards

For Immediate Release 7/12/19:

The Kentucky Middle School Football Association will be starting something new for 2019. KYMSFA Regional Player of the Year and Regional Coach of the Year Awards.

Each region via the coaches and KYMSFA will vote on Region players of the year by Division.

Nominations will be taken up by the Playoff Seeding meeting. Each Team will submit players from their own team, as well as players from other teams in their region. The nomination list will be complied and then sent out to the Teams for a final vote (similar to how the High School District Player of the year is done.) Teams will not be allowed to vote for players from their own team in the final vote. This will be done for the Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 for each region. (7th graders are eligible, they just have to be submitted by their teams 8th grade division classification). In all their will be 12 Regional Player of the year award winners, who will not only get an invite to accept their award at the State Championship Games and be recognized, but will also receive an automatic roster spot on one of the All Star Classic Teams. (if a Region Player of the Year wishes to participate on FBU Team Kentucky they will have to tryout for that.) 

Also all players that are nominated by coaches for Region Player of the year will be added to the All Region Honorable Mention Teams that will be announced the week of Regional Championships.  

Regional Coaches of the year will be done in the same format.  

This is an exciting opportunity for the Kentucky Middle School Football Association to recognize some of the best players in each region of the state. The Kentucky Middle School Football Association would like to thanks its Advisory Committee for helping put the process plan in place to make the Region Player and Coach of the Year a possibility for 2019 and beyond.