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Kentucky Middle School Football Association Regional Player of the Year Awards

For Immediate Release 7/12/19:

The Kentucky Middle School Football Association will be starting something new for 2019. KYMSFA Regional Player of the Year and Regional Coach of the Year Awards.

Each region via the coaches and KYMSFA will vote on Region players of the year by Division.

Nominations will be taken up by the Playoff Seeding meeting. Each Team will submit players from their own team, as well as players from other teams in their region. The nomination list will be complied and then sent out to the Teams for a final vote (similar to how the High School District Player of the year is done.) Teams will not be allowed to vote for players from their own team in the final vote. This will be done for the Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 for each region. (7th graders are eligible, they just have to be submitted by their teams 8th grade division classification). In all their will be 12 Regional Player of the year award winners, who will not only get an invite to accept their award at the State Championship Games and be recognized, but will also receive an automatic roster spot on one of the All Star Classic Teams. (if a Region Player of the Year wishes to participate on FBU Team Kentucky they will have to tryout for that.) 

Also all players that are nominated by coaches for Region Player of the year will be added to the All Region Honorable Mention Teams that will be announced the week of Regional Championships.  

Regional Coaches of the year will be done in the same format.  

This is an exciting opportunity for the Kentucky Middle School Football Association to recognize some of the best players in each region of the state. The Kentucky Middle School Football Association would like to thanks its Advisory Committee for helping put the process plan in place to make the Region Player and Coach of the Year a possibility for 2019 and beyond. 

2019 KYMSFA Region Players of the Year

The Kentucky Middle School Football Association is proud to announce its 2019 Region Players of the Year and Coaches of the Year. The winners will be recognized on State Championship Sunday, November 3, 2109 at Bryan Station High School in Lexington Kentucky, before the 3pm championship game. Congratulations to all the winners.

2019 Kentucky Middle School Football Association
Region Player of the Year Award
Region 18th Grade Division 1Jaidus FlippinBowling Green
Region 18th Grade Division 2Uriah VirziPaducah Middle
Region 18th Grade Division 3Joshuah KeithTodd County 
Region 28th Grade Division 1Isaac BlackAnderson County
Region 28th Grade Division 2Martavious SmithBardstown
Region 28th Grade Division 3Kamdon HughesSomerset Meece
Region 38th Grade Division 1Elijah FrymanScott County
Region 38th Grade Division 2Vince DawsonGeorgetown
Region 38th Grade Division 3Bailey ThackerRaceland 
Region 48th Grade Division 1Tucker WarrenNorth Laurel
Region 48th Grade Division 2Daniel ThomasBell County
Region 48th Grade Division 3Cayden GrigsbyMiddlesboro 
2019 Kentucky Middle School Football Association
Region Coach of the Year Award
Region 1Johnathan HedgesPaducah
Region 2Nathan RichardsonBardstown
Region 3Jeff WattsScott County
Region 4Joey McKnightNorth Laurel

2019 KYMSFA Region Player of the Year Honorable Mention Team


The Kentucky Middle School Football Association announces its 2019 Region Player of the Year Nominees and Honorable Mention Team. These players were nominated by their coaches and opposing team coaches for the Regional Player of the Year Award. Congratulations to all these players for their hard work and efforts in the 2019 season.

8D1 Isaac Black Anderson County
8D1 Charley Young Anderson County
8D1 Deuce Bailey Bowling Green
8D1 Jaidus Flippin Bowling Green
8D1 Easton Barlow Bowling Green
8D1 Kolbyn Price Bowling Green
8D1 Demarcus Elliott Bowling Green
8D1 Jack Zwernemann Bullitt East Chargers
8D1 Isiah Hare Bullitt East Chargers
8D1 Drew Palmer Bullitt East Chargers
8D1 Isaiah Gilmore Elkhorn
8D1 Jeremiah Ardon Elkhorn
8D1 Jayden Barnett Graves County
8D1 Dennis Mars Graves County
8D1 Cayden Bradshaw Graves County
8D1 Trace Burdett Graves County
8D1 Austin Felts Graves County
8D1 Tyson Beach Hebron Cougars
8D1 Carter Newborn Hebron Cougars
8D1 Dalton Roller Highlands Blue
8D1 Ikey Palmer Highlands Blue
8D1 Carson Class Highlands Blue
8D1 Davis Hinegarten Highlands Blue
8D1 Cam Bottom Highlands Blue
8D1 Luke Schneider Highlands White
8D1 Matteo Matteoli Highlands White
8D1 Brody Benke Highlands White
8D1 Ethan Webb Johnson County
8D1 Zach Mccort Johnson County
8D1 Bryson Wells Johnson County
8D1 Carter Conley Johnson County
8D1 Aiden Dunnigan Marshall County
8D1 Jackson Mahmet Marshall County
8D1 Braxton Powell Marshall County
8D1 Logan Coursey Marshall County
8D1 Tucker Warren North Laurel
8D1 Logan Hall North Laurel
8D1 Elijah Miller North Laurel
8D1 Treshawn Holmes North Laurel
8D1 Austin Johnson North Laurel
8D1 Roman Robinson North Laurel
8D1 Zander Simpson Northern Pualski
8D1 Jalen Wooldridge Northern Pualski
8D1 Trey Hornsby Northern Pualski
8D1 Brycedon Brown Northern Pualski
8D1 Dylan Elliott Northern Pualski
8D1 Jacob Fryman Royal Spring
8D1 rylan dykes Scott County
8D1 zach morris Scott County
8D1 Christian Rodrige Scott County
8D1 Elijah Fryman Scott County
8D1 Collin Hibbard Southern Pulaski
8D1 Ryan Anderson Southern Pulaski
8D1 Wyatt Morgan Southern Pulaski
8D1 Christian Walden Southern Pulaski
8D1 Nico Pascarella Southern Pulaski
8D1 Logan Varax Union Raiders
8D1 Trayton Price Warren East
8D1 Jaden Levell Warren East
8D1 Maddox Tarrence Warren East
8D1 Ja'Kobi Flippin Warren East
8D1 Matthew Cowles Warren East
8D1 Morgan White Warren East
8D1 Tye Hamblin Whitley County
8D1 Christian Grubb Whitley County
8D1 Blake Bowery Whitley County
8D1 Ryan Steely Whitley County
8D1 Kyle Woodside Woodford Co Middle School
8D1 Leland Taylor Woodford Co Middle School
8D1 Fernando Lugo Woodford Co Middle School
8D1 Nolan Asher Woodford Co Middle School
8D2 Martavious Smith Bardstown
8D2 Tyleeq Williams Bardstown
8D2 Daniel Thomas Bell County
8D2 Isaiah Brown Bondurant
8D2 Billy Ratliff Bondurant
8D2 Cameron Rodgers Bondurant
8D2 Gabe Goodpaster Bondurant
8D2 Cameron Collins Boyd Co
8D2 Austin Gorley Boyle Middle
8D2 Avery Bodner Boyle Middle
8D2 Lance Slone Boyle Middle
8D2 Ethan Montgomery Boyle Middle
8D2 Jacob Miller Browning Springs
8D2 James Davis Browning Springs
8D2 Donavan Hill Browning Springs
8D2 Skylar Minton Browning Springs
8D2 Jay Peralta Butler county
8D2 Gage Beasley Butler county
8D2 Dustin Smith Butler county
8D2 Blake Tomes Butler county
8D2 Hayden Kiser Caudill
8D2 Ryland Rhodes Caudill
8D2 Brady Hensley Caudill
8D2 Kenyatta Hardge Caudill
8D2 Braxton Hodges Clark Moore
8D2 Tate Rice Clay County
8D2 Tyson Wagers Clay County
8D2 Andrew Roberts Clay County
8D2 Ryan Fultz Clay County
8D2 Mikey Neal Corbin
8D2 Caden Shepherd East Oldham
8D2 Gavin Striet East Oldham
8D2 Justin Ruffin East Oldham
8D2 Zach Hohman East Oldham
8D2 Cameron Taulbee Estill County
8D2 Caden Arvin Estill County
8D2 Hayden Satterly Franklin Simpson
8D2 Drevin Bratton Franklin Simpson
8D2 Noah Williams Franklin Simpson
8D2 Mathais Dickerson Franklin Simspon
8D2 Hatcher Link Franklin Simspon
8D2 Bryce Hamon Georgetown
8D2 Vince Dawson Georgetown
8D2 Isiaha Johnson Georgetown
8D2 Easton Jessie Glasgow
8D2 Hunter Monroe Glasgow
8D2 Ryne Randall Glasgow
8D2 Cam'ron Johnson Glasgow
8D2 Logan Ward Hart County Raiders
8D2 Joshua Dan Crump Hart County Raiders
8D2 Jaren Gedda Hart County Raiders
8D2 Logan Grider Hart County Raiders
8D2 Kade Elam Knox County
8D2 Steven Partin Knox County
8D2 Jacob Smith Knox County
8D2 Gavin Chadwell Knox County
8D2 Caden Collins Knox County
8D2 Luis Chicko Lawrence County
8D2 William McDavid Lawrence County
8D2 Talan Pollock Lawrence County
8D2 Cody Crum Lawrence County
8D2 Conlee Crossno Larue County
8D2 Cutter Boley Larue County
8D2 Will Ray Larue County
8D2 Jamieson Belton Larue County
8D2 Cannon Mackley Lex Cath
8D2 Charlie Lush Lex Cath
8D2 Sam Clements Lex Cath
8D2 Tanner Pedroche Lex Cath
8D2 Caiden Hamlin McCreary County Middle School
8D2 Treylan King McCreary County Middle School
8D2 Trenton Lambert Oldham county
8D2 Issac Bowman Oldham county
8D2 Waylon Starr Oldham county
8D2 Kai Blaking Oldham county
8D2 Collin Burton Russell County Lakers
8D2 Cooper Garmon Russell County Lakers
8D2 Carter Harris Shelby East
8D2 Nathan Riddell Shelby East
8D2 Landon Ford Shelby East
8D2 Gioanni Hunter Shelby East
8D2 Bishop Bale Shelby East
8D2 Jarred Bradford Shelby West
8D2 Jacob Waldrop South Oldham
8D2 Demarcus Jacobs South Oldham
8D2 Jacob Acevedo South Oldham
8D2 Canaan Danielson South Oldham
8D2 Peyton Smith Taylor co
8D2 Kace Eastrige Taylor co
8D2 Jay Coulter Taylor co
8D2 Austin Grisso Taylor co
8D3 Austin Harlow Belfry
8D3 McKaden Maynard Belfry
8D3 Mikey Hilton Belfry
8D3 Tim Epling Belfry
8D3 Caden Bowling Breathitt Middle
8D3 Kory Combs Breathitt Middle
8D3 Kaden Bloyd Campbellsville
8D3 Jordan Gabehart Campbellsville
8D3 Dalton Morris Campbellsville
8D3 Elijah Goins Campbellsville
8D3 Jarren Beverly Eminence
8D3 Ryan Perry Eminence
8D3 Isaiah Payton Eminence
8D3 Blaze Berry Eminence
8D3 Braylen Taylor Frankfort
8D3 Camron Childs Frankfort
8D3 Kayis White Frankfort
8D3 Kalen Washington Frankfort
8D3 Aiden Hafemesiter Jenkins
8D3 Dylan Wolford Jenkins
8D3 Daniel Wright Jenkins
8D3 Noah Fleming Jenkins
8D3 Will Orberson Lexington Christian Academy
8D3 Parker Chaney Lexington Christian Academy
8D3 Major Brown Lexington Christian Academy
8D3 Garrison McKinney Lexington Christian Academy
8D3 Bryce Bowling Middlesboro
8D3 Cayden Grigsby Middlesboro
8D3 Jonathan Partin Middlesboro
8D3 Kamron Wilson Middlesboro
8D3 Kainoah Olive Murray
8D3 Zavion Carman Murray
8D3 Jamison Adams Murray
8D3 Reid Clark Owensboro Catholic
8D3 Tut Carrico Owensboro Catholic
8D3 Eli Blair Owensboro Catholic
8D3 Logan Early Owensboro Catholic
8D2 Malachi Rider Paducah Middle
8D2 Morgan Jackson Paducah Middle
8D2 Uriah Virizi Paducah Middle
8D3 Sawyer Thompson Pineville
8D3 Chase Correll Raceland
8D3 Bailey Thacker Raceland
8D3 Noah Wallce Raceland
8D3 Jaxon Heighton Raceland
8D3 Russ Osborne Shelby Valley
8D3 Brady McCray Shelby Valley
8D3 Jacob Childress Shelby Valley
8D3 Cade Howell Shelby Valley
8D3 Brendon Whetsel Shelby Valley
8D3 Kamdon Hughes Somerset
8D3 Ryland Carter Somerset
8D3 Preston Reed Somerset
8D3 Jason Gambrel Somerset
8D3 Kamdon Hughes Somerset Meece
8D3 Logan Rodgers South Hopkins
8D3 Presley Suttle South Hopkins
8D3 Calil McNary South Hopkins
8D3 James Posey South Hopkins
8D3 Harlee Egbert South Hopkins
8D3 Joshuah Keith Todd County
8D3 shawn gardner Todd County
8D3 Ricky woodard Todd County
8D3 Kamari Harris Todd County
8D3 Jordan Miles Trigg County
8D3 Jhaden Vaughn Trigg County
8D3 Tayshawn Linton Trigg County
8D3 Hunter Thomas Williamsburg
8D3 Noah Pittman Williamsburg
8D3 Zach Bowen Williamsburg
8D3 Alex Gamble Williamsburg