1. Only members of the KYMSFA, in good standing, are eligible to participate in the Kentucky Middle School Football State Championship. Members must have completed the on-line Registration Form to join the Kentucky Middle School Football Association at, paid the required annual dues, and complied with the Rules.

2. Each team must submit its schedule and verified roster on its KYMSFA provided website, included as part of membership fee.

3. KYMFSA member teams will be selected for participation in the State Championship in accordance with the Playoff System voted on by the membership at the annual meeting. For the current year Playoff System, please refer to the Playoff System PowerPoint Presentation, including the requirement for teams to play a minimum of 7 games in the 8th grade D1, D2 and D3 to qualify and a minimum of 5 games in 7th grade to qualify.

4. KYMSFA member teams that qualify to be selected for participation in the State Championship must confirm participation in the playoffs as required by the Championship Coordinator.

5. Each KYMSFA member team qualifying and selected for participation in the State Championship will be required to comply with the State Championship Rules and the Participation Checklist(s) (Playoffs/Semi-Finals/Finals) which will be provided to the team coordinator upon selection.

Rules For Playoff/Quarter Finals/Semi-Finals/Championship

1. If selected to play in the State Championship, a script will be provided to the host team by the KYMSFA for each play-off game which will outline the expected structure and rules for the conduct of the game, including the transmittal of rosters of each team, officials' names and statistics of the game. Rosters will be read during the game, as well as information from sponsors of the State Championship. 

2. Home team for the first game will be based off the Playoff System. The home team will make all arrangements for field, as well as appropriate chain crews.

3. Gate at all playoff/quarter final games (excluding region championships, semi-final and championship games) will be collected at the home game but split, after reasonable and KYMSFA pre-approved expenses for officials, will be on a 30/30/40 percentage. Each team will receive 30 percent of gate after officials are paid with the Association getting 40 percent. Funds received by the KYMSFA for Regional Championships, semi-final and championship games shall be allocated by the KYMSFA to fund the State Championship and to support the KYMSFA.

4. Players eligible to play in the State Championship playoffs must have been on the verified team roster during the regular season. All rosters are to be approved according to the Eligibility Rules.

5. A player cannot participate in the State Championship if he/she does not meet the Eligibility Rules. Should a team have such a player on the team he/she is allowed to travel with and support his/her team but can’t play in a Playoff, Semi-Final and/or Championship game. Copy of all players birth certificates or completed KYMSFA GE Form 4 must be held on the sideline by the coach in case of a question of age by the opposing coach or the KYMSFA.